We propose a different experience

Forget the crowded spaces
Forget about the big chains and gym franchises

We are a family business

Many years of experience in the management of sports centers lead us to the desire to recover the usual gym, where personalized attention and close treatment is the most important.

Gym Club Odyssey Balmes is a space for sports and leisure where we want to take care of our clients and mark the difference with the big chains.


Fitness equipment with selected machinery and free weight, for the training of muscle toning and general physical condition. Cardiovascular devices.

Directed Activities

Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Pilates, Stretching
Functional training
Fully trusted Personal Trainer.
Small groups and adapted sessions to the participants.

Personal Training

Adapted to individual objectives and needs.
Gain muscle mass, burn fat or lose weight.
Increase strength and flexibility.
Boxing, kik boxing, self defense or pilates. Personal classes
You can come with your personal trainer.
We do not have restrictions.


Muscle pain
Injuries recover
Postural reeducation
Strengthening the pelvic floor.
Manual therapies, massage.


You like to train without queuing.

• Free training in the gym, cardio room and available spaces
• Personal interview to know about you.
• Planning your training sessions.
• Initial routine according to your needs.

Directed Activities

Do you like small groups.

• One or more day’s weekly classes
• Groups of 10 people maximum.
• Adapted sessions according the group.
• Always with instructors of our confidence.

• Boxing.
• Kick boxing.
• Self defense.
• Pilates Mat.

Odyssey Fitness + Directed A.

You want to train on your own
and complement with an activity.

• Plan Odyssey Fitness
• Actividades dirigidas disponibles.

Personal Training

Do you want to see changes

• Entrevista personal para conocer tú historia.
• Estudiamos tus objetivos y necesidades.
• Hacemos una propuesta de entreno personal acorde a tu perfil.
• Ponemos a tu disposición un entrenador personal de nuestra confianza.
• Bonos de entreno disponibles para miembros de Odyssey Fitness
• Opción de asesoramiento nutricional.

• If you are personal trainer you must know us..
• The best gym in Barcelona for personal trainers
• You can come to train with your clients without limitations
• No commissions with your clients


Carrer de Balmes, 436,
08022 Barcelona

opening hours

Mon-Fri 07:00-22:00
Sat 10:00-14:00
Sun: closed

We’re here to listen.

We’re here to help. Tell us about yourself.

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