A different

Forget the overcrowding.
Forget the huge gym chains.

We are a family business.

At the Gym Club Odyssey Balmes, you will find a meeting place for sports, leisure and just a stop of the day, where personalized attention and the next treatment is what matters most to us.

With a room for fitness practice where you can train for your story, with friends or be with a personal trainer, we also offer targeted classes of Boxing, Kick-boxing or Pilates in small groups and open to everyone.

A unique location, in an atmosphere with its own style and personality, outside the usual concept of any gymnasium, where you can share sports, health and moments of life.

Training. Made personal again.

Here our Services


Physical training space equipped with state of the art machines
for muscle toning, cardiovascular resistance, elasticity and
general physical condition.
Advice and personalized planning for Odyssey Fitness partners.

Personal Training.

Personal training service adapted according to objectives, situation or needs.
Bonus sessions with personal trainer for our partners.
Fitness training space and individual or coaching work.
Individual advice with personal interview.


“Contactless” Boxing
Kick-boxing with boxing
Pilates Mat (on the floor)
Swing dance classes with a partner or individual.
Individual or small group classes.
Sessions adapted to the group.

We are Flexible. In every way.

Here our memberships
Train on
your own

  • Access to:
  • Weight Room
  • Cardio Zone
  • Private Showers
  • Odyssey Cafe

  • Price Come to visit us
Classes monhtly
pick 1 or 2 weekly classes

  • 1 class a week Monthly
  • 2 classes a week Monthly

  • Price Come to visit us
All Access
Fitness + Classes

  • 1 class a week Monthly
  • 2 classes a week Monthly

  • Price Come to visit us
you are in charge

  • All access pass included in all plans
  • 10 sessions pack Save on the regular price!
  • 3 Months Special 2 Personal training sessions weekly

  • Price Come to visit us
as you go

  • Daily Pass
  • Single Personal Training Session

  • Price Come to visit us


Carrer de Balmes, 436,
08022 Barcelona

opening hours

Mondays – Fridays

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Let’s talk about your motivations.
Let’s talk about your aspirations.

Let’s talk about you.

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